Corsica, a region of France, is the fourth largest island (8,680 sq./km.) in the Mediterranean Sea. It is situated 170 km southeast of France, 97 km west of the mainland of Italy, and is separated from Sardinia by the Strait of Bonifacio. Most of the island is a crystalline massif carved by the major rivers (Golo, Gravone, Tavignano), with frequent gorges in the mountains. Maquis, a dense, nearly impenetrable scrub brush, is the most common vegetative cover at low and medium altitudes. Forests of pine, beech, birch, and chestnut are found at higher altitudes.
A third of the population of 252,102 (1992 est.) live in the two largest towns, Ajaccio, the capital, and Bastia, both of which are on the coast. Most inhabitants speak both French (the official language) and Corsican, which is an Italian dialect.
Stations from the IDMP Network measure both daylight and solar radiation.

Clock Time: GMT+1. Summer time shift (GMT+2), from last Sunday in March,
to Saturday before last Sunday in October.

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