The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is an independent European country. It is bordered on the north and west by Belgium, on the east by Germany, and on the south by France. The northern third of Luxembourg, called Oesling, is an extension of the forested, gently rolling Belgian Ardennes. The southern portion, called Gutland or Bon Pays ("good earth" in German and French, respectively), is an extension of the French Lorraine Plateau. Luxembourg is laced with rivers and streams; most drain eastward into the two major rivers, the Moselle and the Sure (German : Sauer).
The climate is cool, with mean temperatures of about 1°C in January and 17 °C in July. Rainfall varies from an annual average of 1,015 mm to 685 mm.
Luxembourg´s native population is primarily of French and German descent. Approximately one-quarter of the population is composed of foreign workers, who come to the country because of employment opportunities. The capital and the largest city is Luxembourg. Total population is 415,870 (World Factbook, July 1996 est.).
Stations from the IDMP Network measure both daylight and solar radiation.

Clock Time: GMT+1. Summer time shift (GMT+2), from last Sunday in March,
to Saturday before last Sunday in October.

According to the "Architects and Consulting Engineers Bureau" (Ordre des Architectes et des Ingénieurs Conseils) in Luxembourg, there are no daylighting recommendations or standards in the country.

  1. "Annuaire Météorologique", Service Météorologique de l'Aéroport de Luxembourg. Meteorological information published every year by the meteorological service of Luxembourg airport.

  2. "Annuaire Météorologique et Hydrologique", Service Technique de l'Agriculture. Meteorological information published every year by the technical service of Agriculture in Luxembourg. This service also provides statistics covering 30 years of data for the three cities of Luxembourg, Clervaux and Grevenmacher.
Ordre des Architectes et des Ingénieurs-Conseils
8 rue Jean Engling
L-1466 Luxembourg
Tel: +352 422406
Fax: +352 422407

Service Météorologique de l'Aéroport deLuxembourg
Route de Trèves
B.P. 273L-2015 Luxembourg
Tel: +352 47981
Fax: +352 439678

Service Technique de l'Agriculture
16 route d'Esch
L-1470 Luxembourg
Tel: +352 443232


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