The territory of Russia covered by the Satellight database is a section of what is called European Russia. The principal topographic feature of European Russia is the East European Plain, a vast hilly area with elevations seldom exceeding 300 m.
Russia's climate is mostly of the continental type with little moderating influence from any ocean. It is characterized by long, harsh winters and brief, warm summers. Annual precipitation in most of the Russian Federation is only light to modest (most of which occurs in the summer). Moskva, which lies within the continental climate zone, has average temperatures of -9°C in January and 19°C in July.
Total population is 148,178,487 (World Factbook, July 1996 est.). The population, however, is unevenly distributed across the country. Most of the country's people are concentrated in the fertile area in the West, which extends from the West border to South West Siberia. Since the Bolshevik Revolution, Russia has been transformed from a predominantly agrarian society to one that is chiefly urban. Since it is primarily the younger generation that migrates to the city, rural areas are populated largely by elderly people. Urban centers, which have a far more youthful population, have grown rapidly. The largest city by far is Moskva, the capital with 8.7 Million inhabitants.Sankt-Peterburg (formerly Leningrad, 4.4 Million), situatated at the Gulf of Finland, is a leading port and a primary industrial center. Other major cities in the area covered by the Satellight database are: Tver, Bryansk, and Arkhangel'sk.
Stations from the IDMP Network measure both daylight and solar radiation.

IDMP Network/Moskva

Lat.: 55°42' N
Long.: 37°30' E
Height above sea level: 192 m

Pr T.V. Yevnevich, Dr O.A. Shilovtseva
Meteorological Observatory
Chair of Meteorology and Climatology
Geographical Department Moscow State University
Vorob'jevy Hills
Moskva, 119899, Russia
Tel: +7 95 939 40 87, +7 95 939 23 37
Fax: +7 95 932 88 36, +7 95 430 05 73

IDMP Network/Voyeykovo/Sankt Peterburg

Lat.: 59°54' N
Long.: 30°42' E
Height above sea level: 72 m

Prof. E.P. Borisenkov
Director Main Geophysical Observatory
Actinometric Laboratory
Karbyshev Str., 7
St. Petersburg, 194018, Russia
Tel: +7 95 247 01 03
Fax: +7 95 247 86 61

Clock Time: GMT+3/+4. Summer time shift (GMT+4/+5), from last Sunday in March,
to Saturday before last Sunday in October.

Russian National Committee of the CIE
Prospect Mira, 106
129626 Moskva
Russian Federation
Tel: +70 95 2871352
Fax: +7095 287 0891
CIE on the Internet.


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